Product definition and advice, formulation, actives, containers, packaging, designs and paperwork.

Product: adaptation of existing products and new developments.

Formulations: formulation development adapted to the target Group and our clients' target markets.

Actives: We have a wide range of actives and ingredients approved for the development of products that are constantly expanding.

Packaging: We have a very extensive catalogue of packages to meet the needs of our clients, adapting to it the latest releases that come on to the market.

Packing: We work closely with printing companies, duly certified for the provision of primary and secondary packaging.

Design: We have a separate department of graphic design for development of the ideas of our customers. We have qualified translators for the adaptation of texts into different languages.

Procedures: any kind of procedures performed at the request of our clients, registration with the health authorities, and analytical tests and imports.

Our team is trained to offer the best possible solutions.