Policy of Quality


BODY ESTHETIC LABORATOIRE defends in its business principles of social responsibility towards its customers, employees, collaborators and society in general. This policy aims to ensure that they meet the demands and specifications of our customers together with the prevention of pollution.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: It is a key objective. The activities undertaken by BODY ESTHETIC LABORATOIRE are designed to provide maximum satisfaction to our customers, present and future needs.

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: Reduce the impact on the environment, identifying and evaluating environmental issues to avoid, reduce or control pollution.

LEGAL COMPLIANCE: The Commitment to comply with legal requirements of quality and the environment.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: The quality and environmental management is a common task in all activities of the company, each member has to take responsibility for their participation and refinement of the processes and optimization of available resources. For this commitment to continuous improvement and pollution prevention the objectives of quality and environment should be developed and reviewed annually, allocating the necessary resources for achieving them and to ensure that BODY ESTHETIC LABORATOIRE successfully undertakes the challenges of the future.

COMMUNICATION: Establishing an effective and continuous communication with the client to identify their needs and their level of satisfaction. This policy is communicated to all employees, suppliers, people who work on our behalf and are available to the general public to apply to those who work for BODY ESTHETIC LABORATOIRE or on our behalf.

EMPOWERMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES: Quality and Environmental Protection link all employees. Through training programs and information, all staff are expected to contribute actively to improving the performance of the company.

This policy is regularly reviewed in order to adapt to changing circumstances SGQA.

Manuel Mata
Date: March 21, 2006
Review: 00
Revised: July 8, 2011